Milk, Cheese and the Process

 We work closely with two small, nearby farms to source our cheesemaking milk. Our milk comes from responsible dairy farmers who raise healthy animals on green grass and whose animals are free to roam the pasture when they aren't in the milking parlor.  Four days a week, we pick up raw milk and transport it in our mini-tanker (also known as the milk pig or silver bullet) to the Creamery.  We pump it straight into our vat pasteurizer upon arrival and start the process of cheesemaking. Milk is gently warmed to cheesemaking temperature (or pasteurized, then cooled depending on the variety). Cultures are added and the milk ripens in a warm room.  Soon after, the rennet is added to form curd.  The curd is cut, stirred, heated, washed or any number of treatments to obtain the desired result and style of cheese being made that day. Warm curds are then scooped into molds and pressed if necessary (sometimes overnight) until the cheeses are ready for hand salting or brining and the final step of aging. Our cheeses span the spectrum of age, from day-old fresh cheese to special raw varieties aged over six months in the cave. 
We make great fresh chevre and two lovely bloomy rind cheeses, Ellington and Pack Square.  Ellington is an ash-coated pyramid of goats milk and Pack Square is a square format cheese made from buttery Jersey milk. Our pasteurized, aged cow cheeses are Chocolate Lab and Ridgeline.  Chocolate Lab is our original washed-rind cheese, with the pungency and intensity that is typical of the style without being overwhelming. Ridgeline is a very mild and approachable cheese with many fans who love its stunning look and subtle, nutty flavor.                          

On the harder front, we have Bear Wallow, a raw milk, Alpine Style cheese named so after a nearby mountain.  A great classic is our cheddar style called Drovers Road. Both Bear Wallow and Drovers Road are made from grass based, jersey milk.  A newer and very popular cheese is Connemara, a firm and creamy cheese with pineapple notes and mild goat character.  

All of our cheeses are unique and made by hand in small batches. The cheeses are meticulously handled as they age at proper temperature and humidity levels.  We take great care of our cheeses from beginning to end to deliver a quality and distinctive local product to our customers.  In addition to great cheese, we also make Carmoolita. This dulce de leche-style preparation is a dangerously delicious treat made from reducing cow's milk and sugar in a copper pot for many hours until it yields a rich caramel sauce that is great on toast, over ice cream, in your coffee or just on a spoon. That's our milk jam! Try some today.