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LGC CheeseLooking Glass Creamery handcrafts a spectrum of cheeses, from fresh chevre to soft-ripened pasteurized varieties to hard, aged raw milk cheeses. In 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Williams-Sonoma selected Looking Glass cheeses to be the NC Collection in their catalog and online.  Ellington, a signature Looking Glass Cheese, won the Taste Test Awards by Cooking Light in 2011, took home a second place at the American Cheese Society Conference and Competition in August of 2012, and was a medal winner at the International Cheese Competition at the NC State Fair in 2012 and 2013. Ellington is a beautiful pyramid of goat’s milk. The interior is an immaculate white paste wrapped in a pencil-thin layer of ash and coated in a velvety white rind. 
Pack Square, another award winner, is a brie-style cheese in a square format. It draws its name from two sources-- the Pack Family Dairy where the milk comes from and Pack Square, a well-loved park in the heart of Asheville. This cheese has a warm, buttery flavor that draws from the rich, grass-fed Jersey cow milk from which it's
made.The curds for Ellington and Pack Square are hand-ladeled into forms, then drained overnight before each one is hand-salted.  After drying, the cheeses are moved into the aging room where they are turned daily as they develop their bloomy rind. 
Our pasteurized aged cheeses are Chocolate Lab and Ridgeline.  Chocolate Lab is our original washed-rind cheese, with the pungency and intensity that is typical of the style without being overwhelming. Ridgeline is a very mild and approachable cheese with many fans who love its stunning look and subtle, nutty flavor. Our raw-milk aged cheese, available seasonally and in very limited quantities, is an Alpine style cheese named Bear Wallow after a nearby mountain.  All of our cheeses are unique and made Ridgeline Cheeseby hand in small batches.  They are meticulously handled as they age at proper temperature and humidity levels.  We take great care of our cheeses from beginning to end to deliver a quality and distinctive local product to our customers.     
In addition to great cheese, we also make Carmelita.  This is a 2013 Good Food Award winner.  Carmelita is a dangerously delicious treat made from reducing goats milk and sugar in a copper pot for many hours until it yields a rich caramel sauce that is great on toast, over ice cream, in your coffee or just on a spoon. Try some today!
 Carmelita Half gallon

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