Our Milk

Linda Seligman of Round Mountain

We like to put all of our focus and energy into cheesemaking. so we buy our milk from two licensed and inspected local dairy farms. The milk for our goat cheeses comes from just down the road at Round Mountain Creamery owned and operated by Linda Seligman.  Round Mountain Creamery is a grade A goat dairy that bottles milk, makes cheese, and sells some of their amazing milk to us for cheesemaking.  Round Mountain Creamery is located in the shadow of Round Mountain, nestled between Fairview and Black Mountain.  
Our cow's milk comes from the Pack family dairy located in Polk County.  The Pack Family retired from large, commodity-scale milk production but wanted to keep the farm a working dairy operation for their grandson Baron.  They decided to make the switch to milking a small herd of Jersey cows and now sell their milk to us and other local cheesemakers.  The milk from their herd is beautifully rich and golden in color.  It makes great cheese!  Their Jersey cows spend their days roaming huge green pastures when they are not in the parlor being milked by Baron or his grandfather Claudie.
The Packs and Jen
We travel every week to these farms to pick up loads of fresh, raw milk in our 130 gallon mini-tanker.  The milk is carefully transported to our creamery.  Upon arrival we test it for proper pH, temperature, and antibiotic residue before transferring it to our vat pasteurizer.  For our pasteurized cheeses, the milk is gently heated to 145 degrees and held for 30 minutes before being cooled to cheesemaking temperature.  For raw milk cheese production, the milk is warmed to cheesemaking temperature for optimum ripening and the process begins.
Andy & WIllDairying used to be a viable part of a diversified farm in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  We hope to be a part of returning that tradition to the area by offering an outlet for small producers to sell their milk. We are working hard at keeping local milk local, one small independent dairy farm at a time.  

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