About Us

The Perkins FamilyLooking Glass Creamery is a very small family farm and licensed cheesemaking facility located in Fairview, just outside of Asheville, North Carolina.  The business was started by Jennifer & Andy Perkins in January of 2009.  They work hard alongside three dedicated employees to handcraft great southern cheese. Jennifer spent more than a decade building her livestock and cheesemaking experience that led towards the evolution of Looking Glass Creamery. That experience included an indepth apprenticeship at a small farmstead goat dairy and cheesemaking operation in southern Virginia, cheesemaking and sanitation courses at NC State University, a cheese course with Peter Dixon of Dairy Foods Consulting in Vermont, visiting and studying cheesemakers in North Carolina and the Northwest and finally a position as assistant cheesemaker & dairy technician at Blackberry Farm in east Tennesse. Her experience includes work with sheep, goat, and cow milk.    
Andy worked outside the business as an Audiologist until spring of 2011 when the business became too much for only one of them ACS Winning Nightto manage. He works in the cheeseroom making cheese for the first half of every week and dedicates the second half of the week to sales and distribution. Sunday is mostly a day off for the family except for the hour or so that it takes to get the cheeses turned and the room ready for Monday when it all begins again. When Andy is not in the cheeseroom you can find him on the Frisbee golf course with his son Max. Jennifer loves riding through the nearby woods and mountainsides on a borrowed horse named Willy.
One of the best things to come from the growth and development of Looking Glass Creamery is the personal connections found in the network of employees, dairy
 farmers, retailers, customers, caterers, distributors, farm friends, cheesemongers, chefs and restaurants that support and encourage the evolution of this business. And we owe a special thanks, to the awesome folks who work everyday in the unglamorous world of hairnets, bleach water baths, steamy heat, and chilly aging rooms.  Here is a little bit about each one of them:


          Ashley is delighted to be working with Looking Glass Creamery Cheese, her favorite regional vice yet.  Off the job, she furthers her personal career of cooking dinner and sipping wine in seven-hour shifts.  She also enjoys the occasional foray to the river to practice "fly-fishing" which in her case ought to be called "line-tangling."
        Will graduated from Warren Wilson College with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture in 2009.  He has been working in the dairy industry for four years, first working with animals and then moving on to making cheese.  He hopes to someday help create a more food-secure world.  When he is not making cheese at Looking Glass Creamery, Will can be found rolling through the woods of Western North Carolina with his dog Cyrus.

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