The Season Is Changing

Curds in the VatIt's fall and it isn't just the weather that tells me so.  The milk is changing and with it so are the yields per gallon along with the texture of the curd and how it looks in the vat. The goats are getting restless, pacing about and vocalizing much more than usual.  We all know what that means, somebody is looking for love and definitely in all the wrong places since there are no bucks to be found here.  Everything says it is going to be a looong and especially cold winter this year and the goats agree.  That reminds me, we need to buy a generator.  I say that every year and do nothing about it, but this year I feel as though I have been warned so I better get on with it.  The woolly worms are everywhere, the goats are in heat early, the number of foggy days in early September were endless, and the unusually large number of geese that have been flying over the barn in a southerly direction all combine as a potent warning to batten down the hatches.  Everything else seems to know already what most of us can only discern from Good Morning America.       

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